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The Center For Healing works closely with local media to help reduce stigma surrounding trauma and raise awareness about the importance of mental healthcare in the face of tragedy. The Center For Healing was founded in partnership with LifePath Systems, the Local Mental Health Authority for Collin County and the surrounding areas. The Center For Healing has knowledge and expertise in mental health care and trauma recovery, for all ages.


Below you will find a list of media resources for you to use including our style guide, logos, descriptions of The Center For Healing and our programs, tips on reporting on trauma recovery and mass shooting incidents. If you are a member of the press and need assistance or would simply like to talk, please contact:

469-963-3561 or email



When covering mass shootings, it is important to remember that the story does not end with the initial reporting of the details. it is also important to continue to report on the story as it develops in the community, the one-year and five-year anniversaries are important dates to reexamine how the event impacted the community in question.

We should always avoid sensationalizing the perpetrators. Overusing the shooters name or sensationalizing the reasons behind their actions can encourage similar acts of violence from individuals who may sympathize with the perpetrator.

Also take care to not stigmatize mental illness or mental healthcare. Approximately 20% of Americans and 20% of teens suffer from mental illness, however this does not mean they will commit a crime. Mental illness and violence should not be linked, as most shootings are caused by a combination of factors, including a person’s mental state and external circumstances.

Coverage of tragedies should focus on the victims and survivors, by name, rather than simply as part of a death toll. Additionally, stories should focus on resiliency, rebuilding, and recovering from the lingering effects of trauma.